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Hozelock 1504 Bioforce Revolution Cypricube Foams

Replacement Foam Cubes for Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Pond Filters. If you find you are cleanin..

£23.98 £28.99

Ex Tax: £19.98

Hozelock 1681 Impeller Titan 2000 Easyclear 6000

Complete rotor assembly.Contents: 1 x spindle, 2 bushes, 1 thrust washer, 1 set of blades, 1 magneti..

£17.50 £25.49

Ex Tax: £14.58

Fluval FX Gravel Vacuum Kit

The FX Gravel Vac quickly connects to all Fluval FX canister filters for the ultimate convenience in..

£37.94 £49.99

Ex Tax: £31.62

Aquael Plastic Easy Heater 150w

EASYHEATER is a technologically advanced device whose housing is made ​​of special composite plastic..

£22.89 £33.49

Ex Tax: £19.08

Sera Marin Silicate Clear 500g

Permanent silicate removal.Silicate supports the growth of diatoms in marine water aquariums.Sera Ma..

£12.99 Ex Tax: £10.83

Seachem Flourish Excel 500ml

Bioavailable organic carbon source for the planted aquariumUse as an alternative to CO2 injection or..

£14.78 £16.79

Ex Tax: £12.32

Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum Substrate 8kg

Collected from the mineral rich foothills of the famous Mont Aso Volcano in Japan. Fluval Stratum is..

£29.99 £35.99

Ex Tax: £24.99

Fluval ProVac Powered Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

Cleaning your aquarium and gravel can be a big job with lots of darkened corners and hard to see a..

£48.74 £64.99

Ex Tax: £40.62



Polyp Lab Medic 30ml

Medic is a highly effective “reef safe” water conditioner used to control external fish parasites pr..

£31.99 £34.99

Ex Tax: £26.66

Seachem Matrix 2L (2000 ml)

High capacity biofiltrationControls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrateHighly porous - enormous surface ar..

£26.47 £28.99

Ex Tax: £22.06

Nishikoi Pond Clear Waters 1 Litre (1000ml)

Clear Waters is by far the most effective algae treatment. Clear Waters contains algaecide which is ..

£14.99 £20.99

Ex Tax: £12.49

Hozelock 1338 Bioforce 4500 UVC Annual Service Kit

Genuine Hozelock part.  Complete annual service kit to help keep your Bioforce 4500 UVC pressur..

£34.98 £44.99

Ex Tax: £29.15


Marina Slim Filter Replacement Intake Strainer Sponge

Replacement Marina Slim Filter Strainer Sponge for the Marina Slim Filters S10, S15 and S20 for the ..

£4.83 Ex Tax: £4.03

Seachem PhosNet 500g

Rapidly removes phosphate & silicateSynthetic granular ferric oxide (GFO)Less dust and thus is e..

£68.99 £69.59

Ex Tax: £57.49

Ciano CF20 Aquarium Internal Filter 5-20 L

The CF20 Ciano is a high-performance inner filter, easy installation and reduced maintenance.Optimiz..

£14.99 £15.25

Ex Tax: £12.49

Ciano CF40 Aquarium Internal Filter 20-40 L

The CF40 Ciano is a high-performance inner filter, easy installation and reduced maintenance.Optimiz..

£15.99 £16.29

Ex Tax: £13.33

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